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Christian Raps -- Life Stories from the Heart

Posted on June 5, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Many of the Christian rappers have a life story to tell. Some have come from very supportive families and healthy lifestyles while others have experienced trials which have been harsh and painful. The rappers who have gone through difficult trials, eventually bottom out and only when they bottom out are they able to rise again to tell their stories but this time with love in their hearts for Jesus our Saviour.




My research indicates that those who have gone through difficult times have experienced some or many of the following life trials. (However, not all Christian rappers have experienced the harsh lifestyles.) Some speak of growing up in poverty, of moving from house to house, and being surrounded by a lot of turmoil, neglect, and fighting in the family and not fitting in at school. Some feel messed up and admit that the pain leads to chips on their shoulders, arrogance or depression. They admit to making a lot of bad decisions, getting into drugs, alcohol, thrill seeking, gangs, trouble with the law, and being thrown out of the house. They start living their lives any way they want without any structure in a state of pure rebellion. Relatives and friends reach out to them but they do not want to change. They do not want to hear what they have to say. They may recognize their stubbornness but decide to ignore the stretched out hands.


The Healing Begins


Some rappers eventually bottom out and the shock to their systems manifests as a strong wake up call for change. Several Christian rappers experienced car accidents, deaths in the family and severe depression. The Christian rappers who have gone through a wake up call, speak of being open to changing their lives for the better. Our Lord, through the Holy Spirit, reaches out to them through different people and when they finally let him in, they recognize that he has always been there for them and that the love he has for them is overwhelming. The healing then begins to take place.


The Holy Spirit is so motivating within them that they want to tell the world their stories so that others can be helped especially those who are taking the same destructive path. Their attitudes and personalities change. They seek our Lord’s Peace - something they recognize that does not exist in the worldly things or pleasures they once sought.


The lyrics of their raps pour out of raw and opened wounds and express pain, sorrow, regrets, the seeking of forgiveness, love and Peace of our Lord and encouragement for others.



Examples of Lyrics of Christian Rappers



I Want to Tell Ya by Errol Lee, 2001



“I was so confused, I fell a long way down, I hit rock bottom, And no one was around, So alone what could I do, I prayed to God you know He pulled me through…..”


Lord Have Mercy, Gravity by Lecrae, 2012



“Lord have mercy and pity on your son, From what I once was to what I have become, Lord have mercy , Lord have mercy and pity on your son….”



No Worries , Between Two Worlds by Trip Lee, 2010



“….. Can’t lie, that I’m a still be sinning ‘til the day I die, But I’m also fighting like a titan tryna stay alive, Sin brings death to me, Jesus is my way to God, I’m going down if He ain’t around, like Mary J. describes (yes Sir), I feel peace cause Jesus, He intercedes, Earned death from my Daddy, my sin is in His decease, Cast away, it was placed on the sinless, He intervened, Got no worries on my brain, I’m singing it in the streets.”



Anomaly, Weight and Glory by KB, 2012



“God is still there regardless if you think he isn’t, Like jail doesn’t disappear ‘cause you stop believin’ in prison….. They ain’t hearing me, they don’t sense this urgency, Think you got time, you’s a flat tire from eternity…..”



War of the Minds, Rewind by Flame, 2005



“…For every tear that you cry for all of the wars in your mind and the fears that you hide know that He’s there know that He’s walking with you, I know that it’s hard to press on when the nights seem so long remember his word is your hope so know that He cares know that He’s walking with you….”



In the Christian rap songs, the rappers come to a realization. Through their trials and suffering, they recognize that the suffering they personally went through was minimal compared to what Jesus suffered for their and everyone’s behalf. They reach out to others through their lyrics. The Christian rappers want others to see the urgency of turning their lives around and changing them for the better. In essence, they help our Lord gather his lost sheep.





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