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Matter, Sound and Vibration

Posted on June 5, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Matter, Sound and Vibration



All matter and sound have vibration. A desk, a living plant and a word have

vibrations. When we speak, the spoken word can have a tremendous effect. The power

of a word is positive or negative. It is one thing for a word to be in the mind as a thought,

but once it is released, it has power. For example it can be a blessing or a curse. Words

of blessings build someone up. Words of curses can ultimately destroy a human being

without ever laying a hand on him or her.


“In the beginning was the word …” John 1:1. Ultimately, the lyrics in music

originate with words which become verses. Writing the lyrics of songs involves being

somewhat of a poet expressing thoughts and ideas, painting a picture with words, using

words to express emotions and to emit emotions or thoughts from listeners.


Sometimes we listen to music with the intention to resonate with how we are

presently feeling, to change our mood, to uplift our spirits, or to take us away into a

different realm.


Lyrics that express negative feelings can attract the listener who is resonating with

a similar negative vibration due to life’s hurts, anger, frustrations, struggles or

disappointments. Because the listener is resonating with the negative vibration of the

song, he or she can “groove” with the music. A person who is not resonating with any of

the above emotions may turn the music off and look for a song which resonates with his

or her interests or feelings.


The question arises; why do people like certain types of music? There are many

genres: Jazz, Country, Rock, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Inspirational etc. Music is

vibration. Each genre has a distinctive vibration which sets it apart from other genres and

makes it identifiable. Some people do not like listening to country; others love country;

others love listening to music that is “busy”, and others only listen to easy listening

music. It is a matter of preference. Listeners identify with a certain vibration that a song

emits. Words can be positive or negative. Once words are released from thought to

being expressed, they have power. The choice of words is important in song writing.

Words are an important contribution to the vibration of a song; a vibration in which

listeners either resonate with or have a desire to resonate with.





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